How Efficient is Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing is a wonderful option for those who reside in noted buildings or conservation areas, or simply do not want to change their existing windows. Secondary glazing involves adding a slimline glazed panel to your existing windows. This can be glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate.

It is an incredibly efficient approach of insulating and soundproofing your windows, while minimising waste and resource usage. In truth, even the Energy Conserving Trust loves secondary glazing, stating that is in an ‘perfect solution if you are unable to replace your existing windows with double glazing’. Rotherham Glaziers are here for all your Glazing needs. Please check out our Testimonials Page.

Due to the fact that secondary glazing leaves your initial windows undamaged, it is particularly helpful for properties in conservation areas or in noted structures, where changing or changing the initial windows is typically prohibitively expensive, if not totally difficult. However even for properties that currently have actually double glazing set up, the addition of secondary can further enhance sound reduction and heat decrease.

Standard Glass Secondary Glazing or Magnetic Secondary Glazing?

For a very long time, the only secondary glazing alternative readily available was made of glass. While glass secondary glazing works in decreasing sound pollution, being built of glass restricts the functions and benefits that it can convey. For instance, householders may be required to pick between draught proofing properties and heat retention residential or commercial properties, or toughened safety features and fire retardation.

Standard glass secondary glazing can also be a relatively costly option, particularly if one requires a plethora of concerns to be dealt with. On top of this there can be redecoration expenses: it uses screws and there is a requirement to redecorate after installation. Awful, plastic frames go yellow gradually and are not constantly suitable with listed buildings or conservation areas. It can also be potentially harmful, as the plastic frame become fragile over time, putting the glass in a precarious position. It likewise ultimately harms the window frame and surrounding location, making it large and unsightly. Aluminium-framed secondary glazing is more sturdy and less most likely to end up being fragile, however once again, it can be large and unwieldy, and is limited in the series of features it can offer.

Magnetic Secondary Glazing

Magnetic secondary glazing is a big action up in the secondary glazing market: but not all magnetic secondary glazing is produced equivalent. Many magnetic secondary glazing is made from acrylic. This brittle and inflexible material is not fire-retardant, and there are presently no installation alternatives.

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