Emergency boarding up services are helpful for seaside houses against natural disasters like hurricanes. Take corrective measures on time to reduce the damage.

The year 2017 will long be kept in mind as the year of natural catastrophes. Especially hurricanes, Irma, Maria and Harvey among others, triggered extreme damages throughout the time. In truth, the rebuilding procedures are still going on at various locations to conceal the loss.

Meanwhile, as nature prepares itself for the next hurricane season, this is the very best time to get your house prepared for the next round of natural destruction.

Considering the years of experience in working on emergency boarding up service, I chose to take this chance to share an idea or two.

Tips to face the next hurricane season.

If you reside in a place where typhoons take place regularly, then it is the very best to invest on cyclone shutters. However, this service is costly and it may make a hole in your pocket that you’ll discover difficult to fix.Therefore, let’s explore the other options with lesser overheads.

The tools you need:

Before checking out the other feasible options to typhoon shutters, let’s sort out the tools you’ll need to make your home hurricane-proof. You’ll require the following:

  1. Circular saw
  2. Big washers
  3. Plywood (make sure the plywood is of 5/8 inch in thickness).
  4. Corrosion-resistant variety of screws.
  5. Determining tape.
  6. Drill and drill bits.

In addition to the products discussed above, you need barrel bolts for masonry homes.

Fixing windows with vinyl sliding

You need to be extremely mindful in determining the area to be covered while dealing with homes that have vinyl moving. It is obvious to have the plywood panels overlap a window by about 4 inches. This way, you can guarantee that your windows won’t blow out when a hurricane hits. Drill the holes into the studs due to the fact that the trim will not be able to supply with the needed assistance throughout storms. Drill the holes at a space of every 12 to 16 inches to be on the safer side.

This is the primary step to your emergency window boarding.

Boarding up windows in a brick home.

For homes with a brick exterior, you need to take a different method. You much better required to put the plywood inside the window frame rather than anywhere else. Area the panels about 15 inches apart and to practice safety, make use of 4 inches barrel bolts to protect them.

Boarding up windows from within.

You need to place the security window films on the glass pane from inside. This will help keep the glass in location, in case the window breaks. You might likewise connect clips to your glass window to make certain the windows remain shut and the storm does not get an opportunity to enter your home.

Boarding up windows without plywood.

In case, you don’t get access to plywood, there’s no factor to stress. There are other alternative compounds that you can use in its stead to board up your windows. Some of these alternative choices consist of oriented hair board, insulation board and poly-carbonate panels.

Professionals all over the UK depend on these emergency boarding up pointers to protect homes from serious storms. By following these attempted and tested options, you can save your house from further damage or break ins. Contact Rotherham Glaziers for all your Emergency Boarding Up needs.

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